Friday, March 27, 2015

As if holidays couldn’t get any better. Choosing a date is one of the biggest battles a couple will face when planning their wedding — they must consider time off work, weather, high/low season, birthdays, trips, relatives who have children who might have exams the time you had considered and so on. Back in the day, you wouldn’t think of planning a wedding that fell on a holiday and in the Algarve. However, the modern couple is wholeheartedly embracing the idea of themed and abroad holiday weddings and going all out. The more reason to celebrate, the better. Simplicity Events can assist yu with the best times dates and months to have your wedding in the Algarve.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Whether you want your wedding ceremony outdoors, in a church, or still have no idea where its going to be, your going to need to start planning. Wedding ceremonies can be tradition, civil, religious and frankly in this day and age they can be whatever you want. When it comes to wedding ceremonies we’re big believers here at Simplicity Events Algarve Wedding that you should be focused on making it personal and special. That’s why we recommend you think about your vows and what they mean to you.
The first you need to remember about your wedding ceremony is the order of events. That’s always a good way to visualize all the things you need to think about. Church Ceremonies are and can be different to ceremonies in a particular location. Church Ceremony is normally religious, A ceremony at a Venue location can be performed by a Celebrant and can be tailored with you own personal touch. Here is the order normally •The Procession •The Officiant’s Opening Remarks •The Ceremony •The Exchange of Vows •The Ring Exchange •The Pronouncement of Marriage •The Kiss •The Closing Remarks •The Recessional............. We at Simplicity Events can help and guide you through all of your Ceremony/ Blessing / Civil Requirements.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Start Your Wedding Planning Here with Simplicity Events. You're can probably feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of things and not knowing what needs to be planned and organize. ! At Simplicity Events, we make life a lot easier by organizing wedding ideas We will help you with your wedding plans, offering great tips,and wedding ideas to help make your wedding day very special. Contact us and we can help you with your wedding plans. Algarve Wedding planners will assist you at Simplicity Events.