Monday, May 17, 2010

Flowers and their meanings

Ancient brides carried herbs instead of flowers in their bouquets to cast off evil spirits. A bride carried sage for wisdom, dill for lust and rosemary for remembrance. Rosemary would also ensure faithfulness. Brides would also carry marigolds that had been dipped in rose water. They would later eat them for their powers as an aphrodisiac.

Later flowers replaced herbs. Orange blossoms stood for happiness and fertility, ivy stood for fidelity, lilies for purity. Wheat was also used to symbolize fertility. Most often the flowers were dried and hung in the bride's new home.

Modern brides tend to carry flowers based on color and personal preference. Some still carry flowers based on their meanings. If you would like to incorporate a little more symbolism into your bouquets, here are some widely accepted flowers and their meanings.

Apple Blossom: promise
Aster: contentment
Azalea: abundance
Baby's Breath: festivity
Bachelor Button: anticipation
Black-Eyed Susan: encouragement
Camellia: graciousness
Carnation, Pink: gratitude
Carnation, White: remembrance
Chrysanthemum, White: truth
Chrysanthemum, Red: sharing
Daffodil: chivalry
Daisy: innocence
Gardenia: joy
Geranium: comfort
Ginger: pride
Gladiolus: strength of character
Holly: domestic happiness
Hyacinth: sincerity
Hydrangea: perseverance
Iris: inspiration
Ivy: fidelity
Jasmine: grace and elegance
Lilac: first love
Lily, Casablanca: celebration
Lily, Day: enthusiasm
Marigold: desire for riches
Orange Blossom: fertility
Pansy: loving thoughts
Passion Flower: passion
Peony: healing
Rose, Cream:thoughtfulness, charm, graciousness
Rose, Pink: friendship, happiness, gratitude
Rose, yellow: joy, friendship,freedom.
Rose, Red: passionate love,courage,respect
Rose, Orange: admiration,facination, enthusiasm, desire
Rose, Red & White: unity
Rose, White: purity, innocence
Star of Bethlehem: hope
Sunflower: adoration
Tulip, Pink: caring
Tulip, Red: declaration of love
Tulip, Yellow: hopelessly in love
Violet: faithfulness