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The sky's the limit when it comes to flowers for your wedding, but realistically you can plan on spending about 8% of your overall budget. This covers the bride's bouquet, bridesmaids' bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and ceremony and reception arrangements. How much you actually spend depends on many different factors, such as whether or not the flowers you choose are in season in your area, the size and complexity of the arrangements, and how far the flowers must travel to the ceremony and reception. Be sure to have your whole budget worked out in advance of meeting with your florist for the first time so he or she can show you all the options in your price range.

Don't on your wedding day..........

Your wedding day is probably the one day that has dominated your dreams since you were little. You want it to be perfect, and there are ways to assure that everything goes off without a hitch. However, there are some things associated with planning a wedding that can give you some headaches. Here are some pitfalls to avoid:
1: Don’t Plan A Wedding For Everyone Else!
This is your day. Repeat that statement over and over until you believe it. Everyone and their brother will probably be telling you what you “should” and “should not” do, but ultimately the only two people who matter in the planning are the bride and groom. Yes, you want to bring everyone together for a fun evening, but you have to have fun, too. Don’t worry about living up to anyone’s expectations but your own.
2: Don’t Invite People You Don’t Want There - Seriously!
Your wedding is a budgeted affair, and to remain within that budget you need to settle on a guest list. Yes, your cousin Joe may want you to invite your third cousin twice removed from Russia that you have never met, but that does not mean you have to. You want to be surrounded on your wedding day by people you know and love, so make sure those are the people on your guest list.
3: Don’t Fret About The Things That Go Wrong...
Any good event planner will tell you that not everything goes right all the time. Yes, there are those few people in the world that have the perfect wedding day where not one thing goes wrong, but in the real world “stuff happens.” Keep your sense of humor and a flexible attitude on for the day. See the good side of things, even in the face of disaster. It does help to either hire a planner or ask someone to help you with your special day by coordinating schedules and vendors. This way you can focus on what is really important – vowing to love and be with your spouse forever.
4: Don’t Forget To Eat (NB)
There is nothing worse than a drunk or cranky bride. If you are drinking at your wedding, you need to make sure you eat so that you do not end up drunk or sick. Eat a little before the ceremony, too. This way you can avoid getting dizzy or fainting. Jitters and stage fright are common, and eating a little can help keep you focused.
5: Don’t Let People Drink Too Much (Not Easy...)
An open bar is a nice thing at a wedding, but give your bartenders free reign to cut people off. Nothing puts a damper on a wedding day like alcohol-induced drama. Drunk people get in fights, say embarrassing things, and even get in traumatic car accidents. If you see someone is drunk, arrange for someone else to give him or her a ride home.
6: Don’t Forget To Send Thank You Notes
When you receive a gift from a shower or the wedding, you should send out Thank You notes ASAP after the wedding day. The general guideline is 5 weeks. Make sure the notes are simple but personal.
7: Don’t Forget To Confirm With All Your Vendors ( Planner would organise this for you).
In the final days before the wedding, it is a good idea to call all the vendors and people involved to make sure they know when and where they are supposed to be on your special day. This allows you to make arrangements if one of them backs out of your arrangement.
8: Don’t Forget Backup Plans
Remember No 3 about worrying if things go wrong? Well one way to minimize the number of “bad” things than can happen is to plan for things to go wrong. For instance, let’s say your photographer doesn't show up? Well, maybe you can purchase a number of disposable cameras. You may not have all the professional photos, but you will have a lot of candid ones of your special day.
9: Don’t Be Late
Being on time is important for a number of reasons. First, some of your vendors may only be hired for a certain amount of time, and it could cost you a lot to put them behind schedule. Also, it is rude to keep your guests waiting. Yes, it is your day, but there is no reason to make others miserable in hot weather.
10: Obvious I Know But - Don’t Forget To Enjoy It All!
After all the planning, the day is yours. Don’t forget to enjoy it :)

It's taken hours of travel, a fortune in petrol, rows, tears, weight gain/loss but finally you have "The Dress"!
No matter how fabulous your dress is you're going to need a little jewellery & as we all know diamonds are a girls best friend. I have yet to hear any woman deny this....
So, what to wear. If you dress is already pretty 'bling' or heavily beaded, don't go over the top with your jewellery as it will distract from your dress as the eye won't know where to look or what to focus on - less is more!
If your dress is elegantly simply, you can wear all the bling you can afford :) Here's some tips to get the ball rolling....
1. Wait to shop for your jewellery until after you've purchased your wedding dress, veil, and or headpiece.
2. If you're wearing a headpiece, skip the necklace.
3. Wear a top with the same neckline as your wedding dress while trying on necklaces. You'll get a better sense of the overall look of the piece.
4. Something borrowed, something blue.... If you can't afford or don't have diamonds, borrow them or you could wear a sapphire bracelet & earrings as your traditional 'something blue.'
5. Wear a piece of jewellery from your Mum's collection for that sentimental touch.
6. Personalise your wedding or engagement ring by engraving your wedding date or initials on the inside of the band.
7. Choose matching gems otherwise THEY WILL CLASH....
8. PLEASE don't wear a watch. I don't care how expensive it is - NOT on your wedding day....
Guess what someone told me you had to wear one, looking back I don't know why??????

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  • 6 months before
    Decide upon a wedding date.
    Decide on your budget.
    If you are getting married in church you will need to agree on the arrangements with your the priest.
    You would need to get married in a register office, you will need to give notice to the Registrar. 6 months is the time frame.

  • Paperwork for the ceremony abroad should start now.

  • Decide on the number of guests and make a list
    Book the Wedding Reception (once decided with Wedding Planner)

  • Book Music, band or DJ for the wedding reception
    Book the Magician or other wedding entertainment
    Book the Caterer (if in an other venue other than hotel)

  • Book the Photographer and Videographer
    Book the Wedding Transport
    Book the Flowers

  • Book theHoneymoon and apply for a new passport (i.e. The bride may wish to travel under her married name, but be prepared to be unable to travel until your wedding date, as your old passport will be invalid).
    Order theWedding Cake

  • Book an over night stay in a hotel room/bridal suit. (Most hotels give you first night free)
    Start looking for your Wedding Dress. Decide whether you want it handmade, a designer or ‘off the peg’ dress.
    Decide in your Bridesmaids and Ushers
    Decide on your Best Man.
    Confirm all bookings in with wedding planner.

    5 Months before
    Attend initial fitting for the wedding dress
    Choose the brides weddingShoes and accessories
    Choose the wedding attire for the Groom, best man, bridesmaids, fathers, mothers and ushers
    Choose the Brides and Grooms wedding rings
    Order your wedding favours.
    Notify your bank, Building Society and relevant authorities that you intend on Changing Names and as of what date it will take affect. (If you wish to do so)
    Order the wedding Invitations and other stationery.
    Take out wedding Insurance, (advisable sometimes).

  • Send out your wedding Invitations, this gives guest enough time for their flights and accomodation and can work out cheaper if they give a good amount of notice.

  • 4 Months before
    Discuss the seating plan with the Wedding Planner.

  • Arrange to see Hairdresser or Barber about what hairstyle you want on your big day. Brides should take along a picture of the dress and veil or headdress and other accessories to help the hairdresser create a hairstyle that will compliment and finish off the look
    Go to a beauty salon and have a Makeover (great treat for Bride and Bridesmaids)

  • Book a Beautician for your wedding day, if required as some of the Family and Friends might required when in Portugal.

  • 3 Months before

  • Most Paperwork should be in order now.
    Decide upon your wedding list, and make it available to all your wedding guests.
    An advice guest to book any overnight accommodation now while there is still availability.
    Confirm your ceremony details with either the registrar or the minister.
    Decide upon your chosen wedding music or hymns.
    Arrange for the ‘Order of Service’ sheets to be printed.
    Buy gifts for the best man, ushers and bridesmaids.
    Arrange to have any vaccinations done, if required.
    Start to plan your hen and stag parties.

  • 1 month before
    Arrange for a final fitting of your wedding dress.
    Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the reception venue.
    Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the florist.
    Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the photographer and videographer
    Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with the company supplying the wedding transport.

    Reconfirm all your entertainment.
    Have the hen and stag night.
    Finalise the seating plan with the Wedding Planner.
    Arrange a date for a wedding rehearsal, if required.
    Send out thank you cards to all guests who have responded to your invitation.
    Telephone any guests who have not yet responded to your invitation.
    Organise a date when you can pick up you’re wedding party outfits.
    Write the wedding speech.

  • Top.

  • 7 Days before
    Have the wedding rehearsal. (Can be arrange a couple of days on your arrival in Portugal)
    Wear-in your wedding shoes. Its will give brides who are not used to walking in high heels a chance to practice.
    Organise with a close friend to have an emergency wedding kit, just for the bride, containing makeup and a repair kit for the wedding dress, so you can be ready for any minor hiccups through the day. (A must!)
    Give your Mass booklet sheets to the minister.
    Give the rings to the best man.
    Give the best man a list of all the wedding services involved in your wedding day, in case they need to be contacted.

  • The Day before
    Have the day off.
    Brides and grooms go and have your nails manicured.
    Grooms go and have your hair tidy up around the back and sides.
    Whilst grooms are out have a proper shave at the barbers shop.
    Spend the rest of the day relaxing.
    Try and get an early night.
    The Day of the Wedding

  • Assuming the bride and groom are having a 2pm wedding the bride’s timetable should running like this:
    Get up and have a relaxing shower or bath.
    Have a good breakfast. Don’t have anything too out of the ordinary otherwise you may end up with an upset stomach.
    Polish your nails.
    Have your hair styled by a hairdresser. I can arrange to get them to come to you, as it will be one less worry for you on the day.
    Best man arrives to collect the luggage/ greeting cards/ if required.
    The bridesmaids and pageboys arrive.
    Have your makeover.
    The bride and bridesmaids get dressed.
    The photographer arrives, and takes the rearranged photographs..

  • .The first wedding car will take the mother and the bridesmaids to the church.
    The second wedding car will take the bride and her father to the church. Where the bridesmaids will meet them.
    The bride and her father will stand at the entrance of the church, with the bridesmaids lined up behind you. The verge will greet you.
    The wedding ceremony. Good luck, relax and enjoy you big day.

I will be there to help in all of the above. Jacqui Smith- Simplicity Events Limited.

Simplicity Events Limited.

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One of the most important steps is planning the budget. We will work with you and keep you within the financial constraints by liaising with our many venues and suppliers. An early reminder will also be given to you regarding deposits to vendors and a balance of payments due to them. Walk away from that special day holding hands with your husband and not clinging to your purse strings!
Wedding Planner
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Wedding Attire
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Wedding Cake
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Wedding Invitations

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